Instructional Partnerships that Deliver Success: Meeting the Leadership ChallengePowerPoint Presentation and Agenda

(PowerPoint .pdf file)

Coteachers: Step Out of the Box--Together!

Program Outline:

Divide the Room into Three Instructional-level Groups
Sing: "When the Scores Go Rising Up!"

Introduction 8:30-8:40
  • Play Web 2.0 presentation of classroom teachers and school librarians coteaching.
  • Introduce ourselves and learn who the participants are.
  • Share workshop objectives.

Benefits Table Activity 8:40-9:00 – Each of us facilitating a table group or circulating around the room if there are more than seven groups.
  • Individuals complete 3 post-it notes with benefits to students, educators, and administrators of classroom-library collaboration for instruction.
  • Each table discusses these benefits. Look for commonalities and divergence. Decide on three per table. Post to three large post-it notes.

Benefits for Students
Benefits for Educators
Benefits for Administrators

Evidence-based Practice (Whole Group) - 9:00-9:15 (Judi)
  • Coteaching strategies
  • Coteaching research - Present research in the field of school librarianship that suggests a positive correlation between classroom teacher and school librarian collaboration and student achievement.

Puzzle Alignment Table Activity 9:15-9:45
  • Complete/discuss an alignment puzzle of a selection of CCSS College and Career Readiness Standards with S4L, Inquiry, Reading, and Applications.
  • Share coteaching anecdotes and define five coteaching strategies.
A Matrix for School Librarians: Aligning Common Core State Standards, Inquiry, Reading, and Instruction by Judi MoreillonPuzzle adapted from School Library Monthly, January 2013:

6 Shifts, Close Reading, and Inquiry: An Opportunity for Leadership 9:45-10:15 (Judi)
  • Coteaching example for close reading. (Judi)
  • Close reading mini-lessons as springboards for inquiry learning.

Additional Handouts for Lesson 8.2 Coteaching Reading Comprehensions Strategies in Secondary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact
8.2 Fix-up Options Graphic Organizer
8.2 Teacher Resource—Completed Fix-up Options Graphic Organizer (with checklist and sample paragraphs

Break - 10:15 -10:30

Presentations by Instructional Teams 10:30 -11:30
  • Instructional level teams re-introduce themselves and share brief highlights of the specific standards-based collaborative work they will share in their instructional level group breakout sessions.
  • Teams share their work.
  • Connect to the CCSS.
  • Instructional partners share barriers overcome and lesson learned.
  • Instructional-level presenters share how their collaborative work has made a difference in their own professional development as educators of 21st-century students.
  • Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and share their connections through the small group breakouts.

Resources for Instructional Partnerships 11:30 - 12:00
  • Knowledge Quest 40.4: Coteaching issue
  • Best of KQ: Instructional Partnerships (AASL monograph)
  • Revisit the benefits of instructional partnerships to students, teachers, librarians, and administrators.
  • Identify a colleague with whom they will initiate a collaborative conversation when they return to their school site.
  • Choral reading of two-voice poem about instructional partnerships.