Plympton School, Waltham MA: K-5

What leads to good collaboration?

Characteristics of our school library program that foster collaboration:

Evaluation Form for collaborative projects:

Common Core Standards and the Plympton Library:

Collaborative Projects:

Mo Willems Author Study

Grade 1 students spend a month exploring an author-illustrator in the library and in the classroom. Each classroom explores a different author, looking for important characteristics and doing a project that explores the style of that author-illustrator.

Mo Willems Author Study Unit Plan:

Mo Willems PowerPoint:

Mo Willems Voice Thread

Mo Willems Glog

Animal Information Books

Students extract facts from an informational book about an animal. Using their notes, they create their own illustrated books about this animal.
Animal Information book unit plan:

Note-taking sheet:

Animal information book evaluation:

Animal Information Book Glog

Who Was the Best President?

Students identify important characteristics of a president. They then read about two important Presidents, look for evidence of the characteristics that are important, and then decide who was the best president.

Who was the Best President Unit Plan:

Who Was the Best President Glog

Library Scavenger Hunt

Students explore a variety of genres in their classroom and then come to the library for a scavenger hunt to see where these books can be found.

Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plan:

Signs for our Scavenger Hunt:

Library Scavenger Hunt Glog

US regions webquest

Natural Disaster Smackdown: